Sunday, April 20, 2014

Review: Lay Bare Waxing Salon

Because I need to have my waxing done soon, I remembered that I have this post in my drafts still!!

While in the Philippines, I went to Lay  Bare Waxing Salon whenever I need to have hair removed. (Does that sound right? LOL)

Because I have no idea where to go, I asked my cousin (and brother!!) where to go. They both suggested Lay Bare

The room. (This was my view lying down)

Lay Bare in SM the Block is the nearest branch to me. I don't really mind the commute coz I'm almost always there anyways! Staff were friendly and courteous. They really know how to make the customer feel comfortable. That's important coz hair removal is a very intimate thing, yeah? They also know how to sell their services without making you feel bullied!

I've always had 2 attendants. Not sure if that's standard or they just like me very much. LOL

What I loved the most is that they used cold wax made of honey, brown sugar and calamansi (our own native lemon ... if that makes sense). I'm very scared of going to waxing salons because there was this one time that the attendant burned my armpits! Yes, burned. 

They were using hot wax and she just put it there as if its the most normal thing on earth. After that session, my pits were red and painful. Then it became dark. Thankfully it peeled and now its almost back to its usual self. Ok, back to Lay Bare ... 

Because they used cold wax, I didn't have any issues at all. The attendant even said that this particular mixture makes the armpits whiter. So, yay!!

Overall experience was nice. The place was clean. And they're very affordable (especially compared to waxing salons in Dubai!!) You can check out their website for more info. 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post and I am not in any way connected with Lay Bare. I'm just one very happy customer. :)

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Visited: Tuburan Mountain View Resort

One of the places we visited during our vacation is Tuburan Mountain View Resort. 

Tuburan is located at Sitio San Roque, Bgy. Bolol Mala, Tupi South Cotobato. (Yep, we went as far as South Cotobato during this trip!). It's about 1 hour away from General Santos airport. From Davao proper, it took us about 4 hours by road. 

I didn't complain (much!) of the long road trip. I was with family and we were enjoying the view. I have not seen a lot of green in the desert so this was definitely a huge change.  It was already almost dinner time when we arrived at the resort so we didn't see much. We ate and stayed inside the room for the night. 

 We stayed in a big room with about 12 beds. Good for sharing with friends and families! They also have cottages for those who just want to stay during the day. 

Wake up call came early next morning (when I say wake up call, it's my aunts and cousins knocking loudly at our door, calling us for breakfast ... LOL). 

We took the chance to roam around the huge property and check out all the amenities.

This is the fish pond where they have kois and Tilapia. 

We weren't lucky with our catch that day! 

This is a closed function room which can accommodate 25 - 30 people. Good for conferences and retreats. 

This is the bigger (open) function room which is good for reception venues. 

This is the glorious pool. I love that it is not treated water. This is deep well water that's so clean that you can drink! The pool is also not stagnant. It over flows to other parts of the resort like a stream. A very nice concept, right?

Aside from swimming and fishing, there's more to see around the resort. They have a lot of animals roaming around ... 

And different kinds of plants and flowers... (love love this pic ... can you see the fly?)

There's also a river within the vicinity. It's only about ankle deep. Really nice place for meditation. 

And finally, you can see the whole resort and have an awesome adrenalin rush at the same with the Zip Line. 

You will "zip" twice so its double the fun. 

That's me going for the first time. I should have put this on my bucket list  I am crossing this off my bucket list (ssshhh.. I just added it recently. HAH!!) Who knew I would have the guts to do this??

This is definitely one of the highlights of my vacation!

Tuburan Mountain View Resort
Sitio San Roque, Bgy. Bolol Mala, Tupi, South Cotobato
Rose Talaban - 00639103336125
Dan Talaban - 00639177007804

Day Time Fees (730 am - 530 pm) - PHP 50 Adults / PHP 25 children up to 11 yrs. old
Over night Fees  - (530 pm - 7 am) - PHP 70 Adults / PHP 35 children up to 11 yrs. old

Cottage Fees: PHP 200 - 300 (depending on the size)
Lodging Fees: PHP 1000 - 5000 (depending on the size)
Zip Line : PHP 200 / ride / person
Corkage Fee applicable. There is also a canteen inside the resort. 


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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bucket List Update - April 2014

I guess it's time to update my list. I'm happy to report that I was able to cross out some during my stay in the Philippines.

5. Dress up and have proper "dinner" with family.

This is not "dinner" but I'll take it. We are complete and we are having good food together. This is the first time we are all together - together. There was a time that my brother was away. When he came back, I left for Dubai so I was absent. Then my parents and sister migrated to the US seven years ago so she was absent the last time I went home. 

After seven years, here we are ... together again. I've missed my family so much. So thankful we had this beautiful Sunday together. 

7. Open a Savings Account

Yep, I did it finally! (and no, I will not post my account details. LOL!!). I have been wanting to open a separate savings account. Right now, I have another savings account which I call "screw you" fund. I'm saving enough so one day I can say -- Screw You! I quit!! 

The other savings account will be for something else like...I dunno, business maybe?

23. Have a family reunion (parents & siblings)

I realized that this is basically the same as #5 since we can't really have a proper "dinner" unless we are all together, right? (Sometimes I'm not too bright... haha!!)

But the best part about having the whole family at home at the same time is that we get to be reunited with the rest of the clan! This photo is with the family on my mom's side (this is still not everybody!! My mom has 10 siblings so imagine how many cousins I have!!):

This is from my dad's side in Davao: (My dad has 3 other siblings -- all at the front. The rest are their cousins)

And this is still my dad's side in Manila:

excuse the fatso! 
So that's about it. Still working on the rest of my list. Hopefully I get to finish them all --- its not easy coz it keeps getting longer. (LOL)

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Swatched: Sleek True Color Lipstick

Ok, I know I've been saying I'm back and that I will be posting more frequent now but as usual, real life is getting in the way of my blogging. (LOLS!!)

Anyway, let me just start with this. I was able to try Sleek Make Up True Color Lipstick while I was on vacation. I'm not sure if Sleek Make Up is available in Dubai (is it? ) I know I don't need anymore lipstick --- (said no one ever!) but here's a couple of swatches for you:

Sleek MakeUp True Color Lipstick in Mystic 783.

Sleek MakeUp True Color Lipstick in Plush 794

Both lipsticks are matte and they glide perfectly on the lips.

As a bonus, here's Sleek MakeUp Pout Polish (with SPF15) in Pink Cadillac

This is a tinted lip gloss with SPF (and we ALL need SPF!!). I use this when I'm not in the mood for something "heavy" yet I don't want to look pale. 

Hope you like it!

PS. I got these from during my vacation

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