Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Decorating Update

Here's an update on this post.

I wanted a red and white theme this Christmas but because I have very little time to spare, I had to use whatever we have. Here's the first version of our decors:

We have a small tree which I decided to put on top of our dining table. This is the only place that the little one can't reach so this means we have to eat somewhere else. haha!

I put the tree on a white planter that I already have (from Ikea), added a silver scarf (from Daiso). I also bought a white table cover from Daiso and the table runner is actually an old scarf. I got balls and candles from Carrefour.

I had to tweak it a bit because the tree was so small. I took out my glamboxes and wrapped them to look like gifts. I then used the boxes/gifts as a base just to "lift" the tree a little bit.

spot the chocnut

Here's the current set up. It really doesn't show because most of the items are white! Also, I added some greeting cards that I found.

I have to take a better photo...

And yeah, I don't have a star. 

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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