Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Direction

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This is not "Glee" related. 


This blog was initially all about nail polish. About three years ago, I rekindled my love affair with nail polish. With little prodding from my friends, I started collecting polishes. I began posting swatches of nail polish, joining giveaways and having giveaways of my own. I stalked other nail polish blogs and drooled over their collections. But that was three years ago. 


In 2011, I found out I was pregnant. And as a first time mom, I was all about pregnancy sites, mommy blogs and parenting. My nail polish addiction suddenly stopped. I didn't have any dizzy spells or any allergic reaction to the fumes but I decided to just concentrate on the little person growing inside me. Once in a while I would have this itch to paint my nails because I look feel so ugly. But I guess the main reason why I stopped is because I was so darn lazy. 

What happened to this blog, you ask. Nothing. Nothing happened and I felt guilty. So I continued to write about stuff. 


At this point, I was writing about anything. Movies, Make up, Recent Purchases, Reviews, etc ... I feel guilty calling myself a "nail polish blogger". I feel like a poser. I need to be comfortable again. To be able to write without stressing myself out because I'm so behind in the nail polish scene.

What started out as a nail polish blog is now a mash up of everything I love. I will be posting anything that comes to mind. (nail polish still included =P) I will still do product reviews, PR and sponsored posts. 

I guess you already knew this was coming. I hope you guys will continue to be a part of my ever changing "blogging" journey. 


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